The following is an update on the situation of our program, here are some highlights:

Over 700,000 refugees helped.

Over $14 Million dollars sent to our people in need.

Adopt A Refugee Family vs Help Iraq
As of 2022, the Adopt a Refugee Family (AARF) program is separate and independent from the “Help Iraq” as we continue to stay focused and committed to help the poor and disadvantaged refugee families on monthly basis. AARF still coordinates all humanitarian efforts very closely with our Chaldean Diocese.

Currently the AARF program supports about 425-450 refugee families monthly as the situation in Lebanon has gone from bad to worse due to financial collapse of the currency as the country is still struggling to recover from the port explosion as well as the unstable political climate. On a positive note, the aid we are sending to each family is going down considerably farther than before with the devalued Lebanese Lira.

Jordan and Iraq
While we have been ready and able to help more refugees in these countries, it has been extremely difficult to find a reliable organization to receive and distribute the aid transparently. It is important to note that the US Homeland Security closely monitors any wires, and we continue to look for opportunities to help our refugees in those two countries.

Syria and Turkey
In cooperation with our Diocese, the Adopt a Refugee program was able to send $90,000.00 during the earthquake crisis that impacted both Syria and Turkey in Feb of this year.