During the visit of one of our staff members to Jordan, she had the opportunity to meet with Fr. Khalil who is taking care of our refugees. These families reside in Marka, an extremely poor area, while they wait with hope to immigrate. They face many difficulties but with your support they will have a chance for a new beginning. Fr. Khalil has worked tirelessly so that these refugee families may have a respectable life. He opened a health clinic that treats them free of charge and a school to help them continue their education. Because the youth are not allowed to continue on with higher education, Fr. Khalil created a class complete with laptops and a teacher that will enable them to pass an exam and find a job. With the help of Fr. Khalil, our staff member met with some of these families who are very grateful for the generosity of our donors.

Through your donations, these refugees are able to continue their lives until they are able to immigrate. As it’s often said – from a small seed, a mighty trunk may grow.