As COVID continues spreading, Adopt A Refugee Family is doing everything possible to sustain daily operations and provide services to our displaced brothers and sisters in their country of refuge.

As of today, the AARF have sent over $11 million dollars to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria & Iraq since the start of the program in 2006 and have helped and supported over 500,000 individual refugees.

COVID have impacted many countries around the globe including the countries where our refugees reside. They are in dire need of our help and support, and we need yours.

Due to banking and money transfer issues, we were experiencing with Lebanon, we have not been able to send any monetary aid since the beginning of 2020, and while we were trying to work it out with the banks, COVID hit, and that made it even more difficult for us to send any funds to our refugees who count on our support, after that came the explosion that happened in Lebanon port that effected a lot of refugee families. Finally, we were able to come up with a solution in cooperation with the banks in Lebanon, we were able to wire funds this past June for the months of September, October, November and December of 2019.